Spondylitis is degenerative condition occurring on neck and lower back spine and is mainly caused by issues related to :
  •     Ageing
  •     Repetitive stress injuries because of wrong body postures
With this disease mostly seen among the working crowd from IT industry, BPO and people who spend long hours in front of computers, this condition causes symptoms like :

  •     Pain
  •     Dizziness
  •     Vomiting
  •     Weakness and stiffness in shoulders, upper limbs, lower-back
Generally affecting men and women above age of 40, here people having less bone density/ low intake of calcium are more susceptible to this disease. With problems due to compression of nerve roots at cervical region as result of conditions like Spondylitis changes and muscular spasms, the treatment through modern medicine is only Bed-rest, traction and administration of medicines for acute conditions

In this bleak situation, Ayurveda comes to the rescue and has traditional strength in combating chronic problems like Spondylitis. Based on principles of Ayurveda, the treatment of Spondylitis is comprehensive and is based on use of : 

  • Ayurvedic medicines
  • Ayurvedic panchakarma therapy
  • Ayurvedic herbs massage and body therapy sessions

With Spondylitis considered as vata disease, the use of Ayurvedic medicines helps in

  • Strengthening inter-vertebral disc space
  • Reducing inflammation

Spondylitis and Panchakarma

Panchakarma procedure is also part of treatment therapy and involves use of processes like :

  • Greeva Basti
  • Patra Pottali
  • Swedana

Once patients undergo these processes, they get proper lubrication to neck bone, thus resulting in easy body movements with reduced stiffness. The treatment comprises :

  • Consultation with our Ayurveda experts and having massage therapy/herbal steam
  • Kati basti/ Griva basti
  • Ayurvedic Enema therapy
  • Internal Ayurvedic medication
Though this is the common treatment procedure, the final treatment plan and length of treatment required is developed after seeing the patient and seeing his/her condition. With these effective & safe Ayurvedic remedies, we can balance root cause affecting Spondylitis and get a permanent solution.

We can bring improvements in conditions like :

  •     Weakness and tiredness
  •     Vertigo, Spasm
  •     Pain & Tenderness
  •     Inflammation of inter-vertebral muscles
  •     Degeneration
  •     Lack of balance & Neck stiffness
  •     Finger numbness
Spondylitis Treatment
Spondylitis is degenerative condition that occurs on neck and lower back spine which are caused by issues that are related to ageing as well as repetitive stress injuries due to wrong body postures. The occurrence of these disease is seen from IT industry, BPO as well as people who are spending long hours in front of computers.

With symptoms like Pain, Dizziness, Vomiting, Weakness & stiffness in shoulders, upper limbs, lower-back, here we make use of Ayurveda to effectively combat chronic problems like Spondylitis. Based on Ayurveda principles, the treatment is comprehensive and is based on use of Ayurvedic medicines, Ayurvedic panchakarma therapy, Ayurvedic herbs massage & body therapy sessions. As Spondylitis is a vata disease, here the use of Ayurvedic treatment approach assists in strengthening inter-vertebral disc space as well as in reducing inflammation.